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Timber Management

    At Fether Hardwoods we buy standing timber and also offer Timber Management.

     A well managed woodlot is good for the trees and other wildlife, an unmanaged woodlot will start to deteriate as the trees reach maturaty if not harvested these trees will start to rot and die, if harvested at thier prime it not only increases income per acre it also lets the smaller trees to grow healthier and faster leading to a better, healthier woodlot. By utilizing selective timber harvesting you can improve the health and income potential of your property.

     Contact us to discuss your woodlot and what your goals are, it may be setting the woods up the best for wildlife habitat and hunting or it could be you want to manage your woodlot for the best payback through the years. Let us help you market your timber for the best possible return.We are happy to help in your goals for your woodlot, give us a call or contact us On-Line to discuss your situation.

Forest Management